CMA Care Quality Consultancy

CMA Care Quality Consultancy provides support opportunities across the whole of NI and works with healthcare trust and independent contractors providing care within ALL care home settings. The core business of CMA is to deliver high quality, appropriate, effective and accessible services for people in NI that are efficient and represent value for money. CMA is a committed to delivering high quality, person-centred services. During the 20th century, medical knowledge has dramatically extended life and as a result, the number of people aged 65 years and older is increasing dramatically.

CMA offers expert advice on the promotion of coordination/communication within the system of integrated health & social care services for older people. CMA supports the development of the training programme/ training manual for the integration of social services.

CMA works across integrated health care systems who have a credible level of expertise in this subject area and have a history of completing extensive European studies in this area.

Full company name CMA Care Quality Consultancy
Contact person/s Mr. Conor McCoy
Full address Antrim, Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 7827813911


ASOCIATIA PENTRU PARTICIPARE CETATENEASCA (ASSOCIATION FOR CITIZENS´ PARTICIPATION) is a non profit association constituted for the promotion of programmes based on the development of active citizenship and adult education aiming to design and improve better standards for adult social integration and personal development through training and professional practice whose main objectives are:

  1. Promote, create and develop initiatives to promote active citizenship and adult education
  2. Promote the creation of networks and cooperative local, state, transnational partnerships between organizations of civil society:
    public agencies, universities, associations, private entities
  3. Promote recognition of skills acquired through volunteering, community activities and family-related activities
  4. Encourage the exchange of experience and good practices in the local, national and transnational framework, with public and/or private entities to promote the adult education and active citizenship
  5. Promote mobility throughout Europe of individuals involved in adult education
  6. Promote research, knowledge and learning of active citizenship
  7. Promote interculturality and preserve cultural heritage
  8. Create and develop concepts, products and innovative approaches to encourage the promotion and dissemination of European active citizenship. APPC promotes the validation of nonformal and informal learning as a top priority in the modernisation of the European education and training systems. It is a concrete tool for lifelong learning that contributes to offer more flexible learning pathways for European citizens and helps individuals, institutions and employers to identify and take into account individual progression and development in personal and professional pathways

Contact person/s Mrs. PEPTEA Florina Doina
Full address 505200 Fagaras, 3 Republicii, Brasov, ROMANIA
Telephone +40 721 212 433
Fax +40 368 814 223
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Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies has been established under the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. The local authority founded in 1983.And its tasks are as follow: to develop and to implement policies related to social services and solidarity at the local level, to protect the structure of the family, to conduct the social services and the solidarity activities for children, to prevent discrimination against women, to apply every kinds of precautions and solutions for the disabled and the elderly, to take precautions in order to protect the relatives of martyrs and veterans from the unjust treatment and the deprivation, to arrange the solidarity activities for those who need the protection and social aids, to take precautions in order to protect the family integrity and to provide the coordination and the collaboration among other institutions and NGOs.

Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies have 300 staffs (social workers, teacher, psychologists, sociologists, statisticians, education specialists, nurses, media specialists, and trainers) and 30 affiliated ınstitutions (for chıldren, young, elderly, women, disable and all disadvantaged groups)

Our goals are:

  • Prevent discrimination against women, protect and promote women's human rights, women's rights in all areas of social life, take advantage of opportunities and to ensure equal opportunities, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for women in this area of cooperation between public institutions and organizations and voluntary organizations and coordination.
  • Social and cultural fabric against abrasion while maintaining the family structure and values to future generations a healthy way to provide the transfer of the national policies and strategies have been identified to coordinate the protection of the integrity of the family and social services and assistance to carry out activities to increase family welfare, with public institutions and organizations related to this field of voluntary organizations to ensure cooperation and coordination
  • Protecting children from abuse and neglect all kinds in order to ensure the healthy development, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for children in this area of public institutions and organizations and voluntary organizations to ensure cooperation and coordination.
  • Interfere with all types of disabilities and the elderly, to the neglect and exclusion, active participation in social life and to ensure non-discriminatory, social services and assistance to carry out the activities for people with disabilities and the elderly, public institutions and organizations related to this field and to ensure coordination and cooperation between voluntary organizations.
  • Assistance for segments of society in need of social assistance and protection activities on a regular and efficient conduct; public institutions and organizations related to this field and to ensure coordination and cooperation between voluntary organizations.
  • First, in order to support the child in the family upbringing and family education, counselling and social assistance strengthen the protection, care and needy children, women, the disabled and the elderly determination, their protection, care, carry out the necessary services to provide training and rehabilitation
  • Support immigrants
  • Organizing local, national and international scientific events, enlightening the society publications, educational activities and carry out projects, local, national and international congresses, seminars, the Council and other events
  • Public institutions and organizations, universities, local governments, for social purposes, foundations, associations and other civil society organizations ,voluntaries and the private sector to ensure cooperation and coordination, preparation and implementation of joint projects
  • To co-operate with international organizations, to develop and carry out the project, carried out the study and participate in the activities of our country (city) is a party to international conventions monitor and evaluate the implementation of the decisions at the local and national level

Full company name Ankara Aile ve Sosyal Politikalar İl Müdürlüğü
Contact person/s Mrs. İkbal KARAMAN
Full address Anafartalar caddesi no 70, Altındağ Ankara TÜRKİYE
Telephone +90 (312) 418 66 62
Fax +90 (312) 425 96 04
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Biblioteca di Pace

Library of Peace is a non - profit organization founded in Florence in 1991 by a group of teachers and cultural workers from various countries which aims to bring together people from different countries in order to promote peace and human rights and to overcome the socio-cultural differences which prevent people from integrating into society. Its main goal is to create a better multicultural society.

The Library is housed in a public library in Florence. It’s a multi-ethnic and multilingual library. We make research, educational and training courses in different languages both for children and adults. At the moment, the Library of Peace offers programs of different types and school support to children of immigrant families, courses in Italian and Arabic languages and initiatives that promote understanding and exchange through different skills, including practical laboratory. We work together with public institutions, intercultural centres and non-profit associations, European countries, libraries, schools and universities.

We stay open to any collaboration that promotes the development and dissemination of information and exchanges of various types (artistic, literary, educational, etc.) for active citizenship and participatory.

Full company name Biblioteca di Pace. Associazione no-profit di promozione sociale
Contact person/s Ms. Daniela MATULLI
Full address Biblioteca di Pace Viale dei Pini, n°54, 50142 Firenze -Italia
Telephone +39 29 287 774
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Comune di Firenze

Florence is the gem of the Renaissance culture and one of the most famous cities around the world. The Municipality of Florence is the local authority representing the city community taking care of the citizens interests and promoting the development of its territory and the wellness of his population.

The department “Social services” ( is a branch of the Municipality of Florence in charge for all the social problems of the population of Florence. This Department produces services for: elderly; children and young people; women; disabled people; mental health; drugs and alcohol dependences; immigration; social inclusion.

The mission of the department is to improve the health and welfare of the population, with particular attention to the weakest, through integrated planning between the health system and other sectors of government in the territory. The department “Social services" was created by a new vision of health as physical, psychological and social welfare. The health depends only in small part by the health care service, and is a key factor the socio economic, cultural and environmental context in which people live.

Inside this vision, the “Piano Integrato della Salute” (Integrated Health Plan - PIS) is the instrument of planning social policies and health care and their connection to all areas, especially environmental and territorial, which still have influence on the health of the population. At the planning of the PIS participate: institutions, the representative of local communities and social forces.

Full company name Comune di Firenze Direzione servizi sociali – Municipality of Florence – Social services department
Contact person/s Mr. Giovanni BILLI
Full address Viale de Amicis, 21 – 50136 Firenze – Italy
Telephone +39 055 2616402
Fax +39 055 2616408
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ECODE has been working on the field of mental health in development countries during the last 10 years. During this period we have helped local NGOs to start with mental health centers, rehabilitation structures, and also gave training to adults on how to provide better care services for the mentally ill people. With APPC and the municipality of Fagaras, both in Romania, we have helped to rehabilitate a school and to start with a center to empower local NGOs.

ECODE is an organization specialized in the Management of the Project Cycle on Cooperation for Development. Our aim is to find solutions for the problems faced by actors in International Cooperation in projects identification or management. We are a multidisciplinary team, with ample experience both in the work with International Development actors from the North (namely NGOs, private and public financiers, international bodies), and from the South (namely local governments, social organisations and communities).

ECODE stemmed from the encounter of people with varied and complementary backgrounds in the field of International Cooperation and the business world, whose motivation was that of giving priority to quality in Cooperation work along with professional rigour and ethical commitment. ECODE has worked in nearly all Cooperation-related areas such as internal performance, identification of projects, formulation or monitoring, design and impact evaluations, or preparation of communication materials.

We have worked on projects in 35 countries, with particular intensity in Guatemala, Romania, Cambodia and Ghana. In our collaboration with the SISTERS HOSPITALLERS OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS we have developed significant experience and knowledge in the mental health field, especially with older people.

Full company name ECODE FUNDACION
Contact person/s Mr. Angel PEÑA
Full address c/ Fernandez del Campo 24, 4-c, 48010 Bilbao (Spain)
Telephone +34 609 402 456
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Kerigma – Innovation and Social Development, is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, and its aim is to promote the integrated development of people, of organizations and the community, creating services, solutions and products of excellence that contribute to an active citizenship, solidarity and social cohesion. Oriented by the values of equality and social responsibility, innovation and empowerment of people and organizations, it develops its action on the domain of Promotion of Lifelong Learning, Psychosocial Support and Support to Employment and Entrepreneurship.

To further its aims, Kerigma has the following strategic objectives:

  1. The promotion of educational and vocational/professional training, access to knowledge and to the development and recognition of competences;
  2. The promotion of equal opportunities, namely between men and women;
  3. The development of initiatives and services for child, youth, elderly and family support, social inclusion of minorities, namely, immigrants, roma people;
  4. The development of promotion, qualification and valorization of volunteering mechanisms;
  5. The promotion of networking, favoring the creation of partnerships, enabling efficiency and the efficiency of its actions;
  6. The promotion of entrepreneurship, consistently creating services, products and innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of the people, organizations and community, contributing to a more active citizenship, solidarity and social cohesion;
  7. The Promotion of rural development, the stimulation of the endogenous potential, the preservation and valorization of natural, cultural and patrimonial resources, contributing to the safeguard of the local identity and diversity;

Kerigma is a member of the board of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) and is also the National Point of Contact for ECWT - European Center for Women & Technology.

In terms of dissemination and stakeholder’s engagement, Kerigma is involved in several national networks:

  • RSO : Social responsibility Network;
  • Learning working Group @PT;
  • Social Network of Barcelos;

Full company name Kerigma – Innovation and Social Development
Contact person/s Ms. Susana OLIVAIRA
Full address Rua José Júlio Vieira Ramos 72, 4750-180 Barcelos
Telephone +35 125 382 5353
Fax +35 125 382 5308
Company web address

Knowl Social Enterprise for Education & Lifelong Learning

What is knowl?
Knowl is a social enterprise aiming to expand the knowledge capital and make the ‘knowledge society’ more inclusive.

Why knowl is innovative?
Because it brings together the academic, entrepreneurial and research communities at an interdisciplinary level and develops integrated pedagogical models encompassing a wide socioeconomic spectrum.

What we do at knowl?
We provide education and training in a wide range of topics, by exploiting the expertise of educators, academics, instructors, consultants and diverse social actors from various fields like lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and business, creative and cultural industries etc.

How we do it?
We design training material and implement face-to-face workshops and webinars with a special focus on the needs of social groups at risk, as well as companies, organisations and individuals. As a social enterprise, knowl is taking account of the different socio-economic factors of our target groups such as financial resources, educational and cultural background, providing flexible enrolment patterns, and producing socially redeeming value for all.

How you can contribute?
You can attend knowl’s workshops and webinars and give the opportunity to someone who cannot afford them to participate as well. The low attendance fees that you pay cover the fees of an individual who cannot pay. You can buy a training coupon and give it to an individual you choose. Alternatively, you can be a speaker or instructor in one of knowl’s workshops and webinars on a voluntary basis.

Knowl is about networking
We create and maintain strong and productive synergies that are truly socially responsible with the private and public sectors, aligning activities with initiatives within the corporate social responsibility patterns of companies, enterprises and organisations. We mainstream the collective input and achievements of knowl initiatives, through publications, research reports and yearbooks, enriching the knowledge base.

Knowledge is free and inclusive
Our philosophy adheres to the principles of social entrepreneurship and social economy, putting people and social welfare before profits.

Full company name knowl Social Enterprise for Education & Lifelong Learning
Contact person/s Ms. Katerina Vasileiou
Full address 335 Acharnon str, 111 45, Athens, Greece
Telephone +30 210 83 12 868
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TP-Theatre is an NGO who works professionally with “CPT” Culture Pedagogical Theatre tools such as, “IFT” Interactive Form Theatre, “IDT” Interactive Design Theatre and “ISW” Interactive Script Writing.

IDT and ISW are two unique theatre tools developed and designed by TP-Theatre and Esso Petersson/Producer.

The CPT’s are very effective and most flexible tools for pre, post designed theatre forms and suitable for every theme, subject, age and target group.

The core in CPT is to include the target groups/audiences skills, experience, thoughts, and questions on a democratic arena where everyone’s opinion is important.

Since 2008 TP-Theatre is working with European Projects to disseminate the CPT.

TP-Theatre always video document the projects in HD/Blu-ray format. To have a professional video documentation is very important for project presentation and dissemination, for partners, contributors and viewers on the internet.

Full company name TP-Teatern/ SE- TP-Theatre/Eng
Contact person/s Mr Esso PETERSSON / Producer
Full address Falkgatan 7, 416 67 Gothenburg- Sweden
Telephone +46 31 19 83 50
Company web address


SPAS is the local public authority delegated to improve social protection in the city of Fagaras.

The social services aim to offer social, psychological and legal support, strengthen self-image, increase personal autonomy and improve group integration and prevent or limit some situations of difficulty or vulnerability that can lead to marginalization or social exclusion.

It develops plans for community social services at local level by involving all institutions and factors that work on or can influence social assistance and protection, monitoring at the same time the implementation of the community plan for social assistance.

It provides specialized assistance and guidance to persons without income or low income, older people, persons suffering from incurable diseases, people receiving social assistance or in situation of social need, families who receive state allowances for children, maternity grants, child care and upbringing records; parents in the process of divorce; protection of the elderly in residential care facilities; families with children having difficulties with commuting to school; families without housing or with poor housing conditions, welfare beneficiaries, children and abused women, victims of domestic violence or from home, people with disabilities or severe handicap, chronically ill, people suffering from incurable diseases.

Contact person/s Mr. Ionescu Mihai Calin
Full address 505200, Fagaras, Str.Tudor Vladimirescu, Nr.8, Brasov, Romania
Telephone +40 740 27 77 33
Company web address -