Train and empower caregivers // Improve the life of elderly

Caring for the elderly is a difficult and demanding task both from the perspective of the caregiver and the perspective of the care receiver.

Most often, the elderly are taken care of by inadequately trained individuals, working in non-professional settings. Caregivers of the elderly, so-called “Elderly Caregivers”, need to:

  • Be better and more proficiently trained to perform their duties
  • Be empowered to feel more confident
  • Improve their understanding of the challenges of their role

The European project “IESEC - Increasing Employability and Standards of Elderly Caregivers through Specialized Training and Innovative Empowerment”, aims to address this issue by developing and offering a unified curriculum and training programme. The IESEC Training Programme will provide Elderly Caregivers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to increase their efficiency, resilience and improve stress management. 

When developing the IESEC Training Programme, the characteristics and needs of the Elderly Caregivers will be carefully assessed and taken into account. The programme will be comprehensive, addressing important aspects of caregiver education, such as:

  • ethics and conduct of a caregiver;
  • different types of caregiving;
  • instrumental activities of daily living;
  • principles of personal and mental wellness;
  • professional appearance and etiquette;
  • caregiver educational resources;
  • disease processes;
  • coping and problem solving skills;
  • safety;
  • nutrition;
  • legal and financial issues.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme for a duration of 24 months.

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